About Us

At iintegrate we believe in integrating people with technology

network computersiintegrate Technology started in 2009 with a desire to help people integrate technology to their personal and work lives. We came from an I.T background and moved into building automation as a natural course. We love the way technology can enhance our lives but we realised this is not the case for everyone. So we decided to help.

Why? Well, simply because:

iintdot We love technology
iintdot We have used technology to improve our lives, and
iintdot We believe technology can help improve other peoples lives

For us, integrating technology into our lives has given us a better lifestyle and we believe that we have the products, the knowledge and the passion to do the same for you.

If you want us:

iintdot to fix your computer or sell you a new one
iintdot to fix your website or build you a new one
iintdot add lighting controls to your new home
iintdot to make technology simpler and easier to use
iintdot to reduce your running costs
iintdot to make your home run smarter and more efficiently
iintdot to add more fun and enjoyment to your life or to get up to speed with the latest technology, then talk to us about helping you find a product or solution.

What We Offer


We offer a range of products and services including:

iintdot-wh Home and business IT support

iintdot-wh Computer system servicing and upgrades

iintdot-wh Networking, backup systems.

iintdot-wh Website construction.

iintdot-wh eCommerce 

iintdot-wh Website Hosting

iintdot-wh Residential and Commercial lighting control

iintdot-wh Energy management systems

iintdot-wh Home theatre advice, products and installation

iintdot-wh Multimedia centres and multiroom audio systems

iintdot-wh Home security integration

We are passionate about our products and our service and believe in giving great customer service, treating our customers with respect and operating with honesty and integrity.