What is automation?

lightingexterior1What is automation and do I need it?  How can it make my life better? You may have seen the movie "The Party" starring Peter Sellers a bumbling actor who causes chaos at the party by playing with a panel of buttons that controlled the house. Very funny to watch. I was fascinated by this level of control over a home but for most of us it has always been a thing of science fiction and movies or only for the very rich. Not anymore, welcome to the dawn of home automation......... Well not really but at least it's now affordable. Everyone can now consider having these feature in their home.

So the next question would have to be why would you want too? I mean, aren't we over run by technology already and could having more gadgets really make life easier? I mean just about every home has several computers, tv's, and audio systems as well as most people carry a mobile phone. With the growing trend of smart phones and other smart technologies more and more products we take for granted never get used to there full potential. Well imagine if upon arriving home your mobile phone could tell your house to turn the lights on, turn the air conditioner or heater on and play your favourite music. This might sound far fetched or over the top but in a time were lives are getting busier and busier its the little things that make life more pleasurable and its not just for pleasure we could do these things. This level of control could alert you to your kids arriving home from school safely and provide peace of mind.

This is the essence of automation, it is integrating different technologies with items we use on a daily basis to improve our lives, give us security, for energy management, for lifestyle and peace of mind.

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